Martial Arts Programs Available In Manlius

Kids Martial Arts

If you would like to see your child more physically active with improved listening skills, grades, focus and concentration, Impact Martial Arts can help your child succeed and help parents reinforce the life skills that your child will need to build a successful life!

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Krav Maga

Develop bodyguard-grade self-defense skills, fear nothing, and get ready to turn heads everywhere you go! When you take Krav Maga classes at Impact Martial Arts & Fitness - Team Manlius, you'll learn how to get fit and go home safe!

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Kickboxing Fitness

This incredible blend of heart pumping exercise and challenging cardio drills will make you fit, toned and stronger than you have ever been before while becoming more focused, more confident and better able to deal with and bust stress. Impact Martial Arts & Fitness is dedicated to producing high-quality, healthy students.

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Adult Martial Arts

These Adult Martial Arts classes at Impact Martial Arts & Fitness will give you the tools you need to excel and shine, standing out as promising the dependable professionals. Our Adult Martial Arts learn they can excel and learn the confidence to be a successful and productive leader!

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Birthday Parties

Are you ready for a celebration your child will never forget? Then join us today for the best birthday parties in town. You can sit back and enjoy the fun while we take care of everything!

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