Positive vs. Negative

We’ve reviewed the 6 human needs; certainty, variety, significance, love & connection, growth and contribution. It’s important to understand that consciously or unconsciously we will strive to meet these needs. One of our goals should be to make sure we are proactively working towards meeting these needs in a positive way. One of the most empowering exercises I did at the Tony Robbins seminar was to write out all the positive ways and negative ways I was meeting these needs. It helped me identify some bad habits and some habits I can replace them with. I also realized where I had gaps in my needs and made decisions to fill them in.
Our habits are like a garden. Like growing vegetables or flowers it takes patience, discipline and time to nurture a good habit. The results when good habits are developed are easy to live with. 
If we don’t tend to our garden however, weeds grow automatically. Bad habits are like the weeds in a garden. Once they start growing it takes a lot of work to get rid of them and replace them with good habits. The challenge is without a plan and some discipline it won’t happen, and that’s what brought us there in the first place. No plan, no discipline.
As we wrap up talking about the 6 human needs, take the time to see what are some positive habits you have, what are some ones you could replace. Also look for the gaps that need to be filled in before the weeds start to grow. The gaps are usually in growth and contribution, and they are the ones that make us feel the most fulfilled.
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