Benefits of Martial Arts

This morning while talking with one of the Krav-Fit students I was reminded of how martial arts has had such a profound Impact on my life. 
In 1990-91 I was living a very sedentary lifestyle. I was working a lot of hours, not taking care of myself physically and my eating habits were very bad. I had started my martial arts training in 1989, but due to a move to Utica, I had stopped and hadn’t returned to the dojo since coming back to Syracuse. One morning I stepped on the scale, which I had every several weeks as I watched my weight continuing to increase, and it read 205 lbs., 35 lbs. heavier than when I started my martial arts training. I decided it was time to do something. I started going back to the dojo, cleaned up my nutritional habits and started watching the weight drop. 
When I think about all the things I’m grateful for, so many are tied into my martial arts journey. I have so many friends I’ve made across the US and in other countries. I’ve had the pleasure of training with some of today’s modern day masters. The positive attitude, goals setting and drive that I have is greatly due to my martial arts. I’ve watched children walk in the door, quiet, unconfident, unfocused, disrespectful and through their martial arts become confident, focused, respectful and disciplined. Many I’ve watched grow up and go off to college. I’ve seen adults change their lives, much like I have. I watched them become more positive, confident, and some lose 30-40 even 50+lbs. through their lifestyle changes. 
Martial Arts for a better life!

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