Being a Good Finder

Being a good finder is as simple as finding the good in every person or situation.  There is a difference between something that is simple and something that is easy. I did say it’s as “simple” as finding good.


Someone that has the habit of looking for the good will always be happier with themselves, the people around them and their situations in life. Why? Because they find the good. The opposite is true for someone who has the frame of reference to find the negative in everything.


I find that there is enough negative energy in the world without looking for more.


Regardless of if you look for positive or negatives, it is a habit. The good news is every habit can be changed. From here forward when something happens to you that gives you negative emotions, ask yourself the question “ what could be good about this situation?” Even the most negative situations will strengthen your character if you let them. Many of the things we feel negative about really aren’t that bad anyway, we just let them get as big as they are because we dwell on the negative instead of checking it with looking for positives.

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