Remain calm and get in a better position.

On my Facebook feed this morning, I had a post from a few years ago appear. That morning I had been training with Shihan Andrello in Jiu-Jitsu. He had been reminding us that anytime you try for a submission you may be putting yourself in a bad position. You risk losing the controlling position you just had.

He was also reminding us that when you find yourself in a bad position to remain calm and look for the opportunity to change your position. When you remain calm and look for opportunity, you'll tend to find one. When you remain in the struggle of forcing a better position, you tire yourself out and find yourself in a worse position.

I remember thinking to myself how life is the same way!

Many times when someone finds themselves in an undesirable place in life they focus on the struggle they are having. This is emotionally draining. We've all heard the saying "Like begets like". It's all to true in many aspects. One of them is that when we focus on a negative outcome, that outcome will continue to repeat itself and possibly become even worse.

Instead when we find ourselves in a tough spot we need to remain calm and look for the opportunities to change position. Write down what the issue is on a piece of paper. Then write down every possibility to change the way things are going. Don't worry about if they are realistic or not. The goal is to get creative on all the options. Think to yourself "What if it could work or how could it work". You'll find much better options.

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