Commitment and Sacrifice

...go hand in hand.

   This is an important concept to understand. If you are going to be truly committed then you have to be willing to make sacrifices. The sacrifices come in all shapes and sizes. It may be the sacrifice or time, money, delayed gratification or doing something you don’t want to do instead of doing something you do want to do.

There are times when someone says they are committed at the outset of a project or goal, but when the time comes to have the discipline to make the sacrifice they falter.

Do you find yourself falling into the trap of not following through? I’m sure we can all think of times that we have.

Here are three things that will help to avoid this trap.

  1. Tie as many positive emotional associations to the goal or project as you can for it’s accomplishment and as many negative associations as you can if you don’t follow through.
  2. Always work from a list. Break the action items into small manageable tasks that you can check off daily.
  3. Share what you need to do with some positive thinking friends. They will help to keep you on track.

Staying committed is simple…although it’s not always easy. Stay focused on the progress you are making and you’ll likely make more. Focus on the times you don’t follow through and you’ll likely repeat that behavior as well. 

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