We are a Black Belt School...

...we are motivated, we are dedicated, we are on a quest to be our best.
This is a common chant in many martial arts schools. What does it mean to be a black belt school? As an instructor, it means giving our best to every class, teaching each class as if it's the most important class that we will ever teach. Helping the students to grow physically through learning the forms, understanding the concepts behind self defense, having the reactions to defend themselves and the strength, coordination and conditioning to do so as well.

As a student, to continue to learn and grow mentally and emotionally. I read once in a book a great quote from Sifu Francis Fong. 

"You may never get into a fight, but you are constantly fighting yourself"

I thought, how true this is with showing respect for others, disciplining ourselves to make the right decision or take action. It's always easier to look for the negative or be lazy when there are things to be done, and many people take that route. As a martial artist we should pride ourselves on taking the right action and being more respectful than other people would expect.
To me, running a Black Belt school means working daily to do my best to be a role model in these areas.

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