Shoe Rack Theory

In the martial arts there is a concept called the "Shoe Rack Theory". When we enter the dojo we put our shoes neatly in the shoe rack and leave all of our life challenges behind. We come to the dojo and focus on what we are learning in class without outside distractions. When we do this, we will find that when we leave we are in a much better frame of mind to deal with the daily challenges that life will bring.
Secondly taking the few moments to have the discipline to put something away where it belongs builds our discipline in other areas of our lives.
It also helps to enforce one of our maxims:
"We are the cleanest place in town"
Would you like to belong to a messy dojo or would you rather belong to the cleanest dojo? Please have the discipline to do your part in helping us live up to being the cleanest place in town.

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