Action Plan

We’ve talked about victories, dreams, goals and hopefully you’ve chosen an empowering goal or check point to reach by March 31st, 2016. Next is your Action Plan.

Write out all the steps you need to take to realize your goal. What types of things do you need to do? Are there people you need to contact? What resources do you need to make available? How are you going to hold yourself accountable? Do you have a way to measure your progress on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis? The more you measure it, the more you can manage it.

Once you have your action plan written out, organize it. Put the things you need to do first at the top of the list and do something right away to start some momentum. It’s always good to start right away. We seem to be pre programmed for procrastination. Procrastination is a thief of time, don’t wait…create! Once you start to take some steps towards your goal you’ll feel yourself pulled in that direction.

~ Action creates motivation ~

How many times have anyone of us procrastinated on doing something. Then when we finally do it, we feel so empowered over the accomplishment. Remind your self of that feeling in advance, get some momentum and create massive action. The more steps you take in the direction of your dreams the more momentum you’re going to build.

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