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~ Goals ~

A goal is no more than a dream with a deadline.

If you did the dreams list last week the next phase is to decide what is realistic and motivating for you from that list. If you didn’t do it, take some time to write out a list of things you would do, be or have if anything where possible.

Organize your dreams into the most realistic in a few different categories. For example, family & relationships, health & fitness, business & career, finance and self-development. Once you’ve done that put a number next to the goal, 1-3-5-10+. The number represents how many years it may take to achieve the goal.

It’s important to have long and short term goals. The time for long and short term goals is different for everyone. Some people can visualize how they want their life in ten years, to some one year may be a long time. Your vision grows as you do these drills more and more.

It’s good to have check points along the way. This will help you adjust your direction as you move towards the goal. Are you on track or do you need to change direction. Depending on the goal and your actions to get there, these check points may be measured monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly in some cases.

Your challenge this week is to decide on a goal that you can attain by March 31st, 2016. Write it out somewhere that you can see it. Put it in the 1st person positive tense. For example “I weigh 170lbs with single digit body fat by March 25th 2016”. This happens to be one of mine, now make one of your own.

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