Dreams list

Now that we have our victories list, next is a dreams or future accomplishments list. All of our accomplishments start first with a dream. Some may be huge and elaborate. Some may be a quick thought of what we need to get done. Regardless of which it is or something in between all physical reality starts in our mind. Why not make it a grand visualization to help increase the quality of the life we live?
If you could do anything you wanted. If money wasn't an obstacle, you had unlimited resources, knew anyone you needed to know, had any ability you needed to have and all the time to make it happen, what would you do? Who would you spend time with? What cause would you take up? Would you spend more time on your relationships? Would you have a different career? Would you drive a different car? Would you travel? These types of questions will help you understand what you would truly enjoy doing.
“Nothing happens unless first we dream”
~ Carl Sandberg ~
Think it, ink it. Great leaders and goal setters think on paper. Take some time to write out all the things you would enjoy accomplishing. Answer the questions in the previous paragraph. Don’t worry about reality, this is a dreams list. Next week we will funnel it down to what’s realistic and attainable in the short term.

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