Seiza 1-2-3

Seiza is literally translated as proper sitting. In our dojo we have 3 modifications we use in different situations.

Seiza #1 - The most common Seiza you’ll see in the dojo. We use this during demonstration and mat chats so that everyone can hear and see what is going on. This is performed by kneeling on one knee, placing your other foot flat on the ground and keeping strong body posture without sitting on the heel of your foot

Seiza #2 - Traditionally known as Agura, it is simply sitting cross-legged. You’ll see this before or at the end of class when an instructor is having a casual conversation with a group of students

Seiza #3 - This is the traditional form of Seiza. It is performed by kneeling on both knees, legs folded under the body, toes pointed and sitting on your heels.  Hands should be placed on the upper thigh, palms down.  During the belt promotion ceremony is where this Seiza is performed.

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