Celebrating 13 years of Success

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you! 12/02/2002 was the first day I held classes in Manlius. On that day I had 16 3x3 mats pieced together. No graphics on the walls. 16 students pre enrolled to take classes and class sizes were 1-4 people in class. I ran three classes a night and it was just me. I wish I had pictures of those first few weeks of classes. 13 years later we have 180+ students visiting the dojo weekly. Class sizes that sometimes are 30-40 students deep, 3rd degree black belts that started with me 13 years ago and 4th degree black belts that transferred over from other schools. I have a staff of 6 people between floor and front desk and many more students that are part of the SWAT team. I never could have accomplished any of this without the love and support of my family, friends and community. Thank you to everyone that has supported our dojo over the years. I will continue to work on deserving your support and kind words for years to come.

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